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It’s not just for artists.

It’s the source of brilliant works, flourishing businesses and vibrant relationships. (Including the relationship with yourself)

It takes courage—not to mention persistence—to tap into your creative superpowers.

The world craves your brand of genius. Let me be your guide.

About Me

Connect the dots between creativity and

your best work. Your best LIFE.


You were born to use your creative talents.

Whether that’s to build a life-changing business, cure cancer or write the next blockbuster - your gifts deserve a place in the spotlight/to step into the light.

That’s why I co-founded The Artist’s Way workshops and books that have now helped more than three million people across the globe (in 25 languages) access their creativity and realize their full potential.

These workshops taught me that creativity is a life force - a universal energy that can be tapped as fuel for transforming art, technology, science, business and relationships.

“The Artist’s Way at Work” introduced creativity into the business/corporate model. I drew the material/inspiration/visions for  “Money Drunk, Money Sober” from my experiences with the recovery community. Then I decided to go back to school - and earned my ED.M at Harvard University.


How I Can Help You


You’re riding the dragon - the thrilling, joyous, chaotic and powerful force that is your creativity.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur creating a bleeding-edge business, an artist ready to step into your greatest creation, the creator of a game-changing social idea to save the planet (or your piece of it)!

And you’re ready. Ready to channel that force into something to be reckoned with.

We should talk.

How I Can Help You

Current Consulting Projects

A groundbreaking new way to fight cancer is being developed.
A faster more efficient way to travel. This project is BOOMING with potential.
Software that interacts with your favorite film and television shows.
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