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“Mark Bryan is a skilled facilitator, teacher, and innovative thinker. He has become a trusted advisor at UNICEF and the UN family. I am sure he will do as fine a job for you as he continues to do for us.”

Martina Clark, Global Director


Creativity Coach Mark Bryan has more than 30 years experience helping organizations reach their goals.

Mark has successfully delivered programs for many industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Disney/ABC, Target, William Morris/Endeavor, dozens of advertising agencies and talent management agencies and numerous non-profits including the United Nations.

Mark Bryan & Company can help business executives or management teams:

  • Define strategic vision

  • Increase ideation and capture across an organization.

  • Develop a corporate culture of innovation

  • Leverage creative talent to increase return on investment

  • Invent new products, processes or services

  • Deliver custom training for objectives specific to client needs


Our Approach

DISCOVERY   Develop behavioral assessments, client history, goals, and priorities and discover areas of struggle, opportunity, and strengths.

STRATEGY   Develop success strategy, leverage individual talents, and apply motivation techniques to induce change, growth, and recovery.

ON-GOING SUCCESS   Create framework for retaining accountability, incentives, and degree of on-going support through continued interaction.

RESISTANCE, RECONSTRUCTION   Tackle resistance and maintain energy for change.

COMPLETION   Celebrate gains, review losses, and conclude with meaningful results in place.

Mark’s coaching in innovation, creativity, and strategy has been commended by:

  • Linda Powell, PhD, professor of psychology and education, Columbia University

  • Les Havens, M.D Chair of Psychiatry - Harvard Medical School

  • Martin Scorsese, Filmmaker

  • Elizabeth Jetton, Chairwoman of the 30,000 member Financial Managers Association

  • John Bradshaw, Author, PBS Host

  • Julia Cameron, Writer and Artist, Co-Founder with Mark of The Artist’s Way Workshops

  • Oprah Winfrey Talk Show Host & Chairman, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network.) Oprah listed Mark’s work as one of the 15 greatest lessons during the 25 years she hosted the Oprah show.

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