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The New Old Secret

Remarks from Mark's Artist's Way at Work PBS special

"So we’re going to do some exercises and actually look at some of our preconceived notions about what art is, what creativity is. And after having taught over the last 20 years, 10,000 artists, personally, of all medium- cause we started, I started teaching artists specifically- now over the years we've branched out more into science and more into business. I no longer distinguish the creative act as different between an artist and a scientist,  and a business person.

And I also want to say that in America we have a preconceived notion about linearity. We expect that if we do X it has to lead to Y and that’s not necessarily how life works out.  Has anybody’s life worked out exactly like that, where you do X and Y is the response? So a lot of this is in a sense non linear and we’re going to see exactly how we can build in a teachable trackable process of creativity and then also keep open to the unpredictable effects and the outside influences that may become leverage points for us.


I described one earlier to you when I was talking about that someone who was unknown to me helped me start as a writer. They just walked into my life in a day and we both went forward to develop Artist’s way and artist’s way at work and talking about Julie Cameron.


So if you’ll get out that piece of paper that you’ve got under your chairs we’ll start work."

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