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The Artist’s Way & The Artist's Way at Work


Co-founder Mark Bryan​

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A Workshop and Celebration of Your Creativity

January 13th, 2024

Saturday: 7:00 to 10:00 PM Pacific Time


Location: The Hyperion Art Center

2306 Hyperion Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90027


Online Price: $99.00  (or $149.00 at the door)



The Artist’s Way created a phenomenon and became an international best-seller. It has been twenty-five years since the book and related workshops began. During that time, Mark has continued to learn from the experience of artists, inventors, and business leaders, as well the scientific studies of creativity and innovation.


The Artist’s Way at Work: Creativity and Transformation will help illuminate the next important steps toward fulfillment, financial success, creative expression, or psychological wholeness. The workshop explores proven forms of reflection that lead to insight, helps participants re-imagine their failures, setbacks, and heartbreaks so they are free to face new opportunities from a more positive emotional stance and guides them to re-ignite passions and leverage their strengths to help them achieve success in work and in love.

“Human creativity and innovation, at both the individual and group level, have become the true wealth of nations in the 21st century.”


“As a teacher, co-writer, and friend, I worked side-by-side with Mark Bryan for over twenty years. He has a compassionate heart, intellectual courage, and the expertise and willingness to help people discover and achieve their creative dreams.”

- Julia Cameron, Writer, and Artist

“I love what Mark Bryan is doing."  

- Oprah Winfrey, Talk Show Host 

“[Julia and Mark’s] Artist’s Way process addresses a delicate and complex subject. For those who will use it, it is a valuable tool to get in touch with their own creativity.” 

- Martin Scorsese, Filmmaker

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