Connect the dots between creativity and your best work - your best LIFE.


You were born to use your creative talents.

Whether that’s to build a life-changing business, cure cancer or write the next blockbuster - your gifts deserve a place in the spotlight/to step into the light.

That’s why I co-founded The Artist’s Way workshops and books that have now helped more than three million people across the globe (in 25 languages) access their creativity and realize their full potential.

These workshops taught me that creativity is a life force - a universal energy that can be tapped as fuel for transforming art, technology, science, business and relationships.

“The Artist’s Way at Work” introduced creativity into the business/corporate model. I drew the material/inspiration/visions for  “Money Drunk, Money Sober” from my experiences with the recovery community. Then I decided to go back to school - and earned my ED.M at Harvard University.

That’s where I integrated my creativity work with counseling families. Soon after graduating from Harvard, I wrote “The Prodigal Father” to reunite fathers and their children. I soon became a regularly featured expert on the Oprah show (and a founding member of her “Change Your Life Team.”) 

That work inspired me to tackle strengthening all family bonds in “Codes of Love.”

After 9/11, I pivoted to devote several years consulting to the United Nations global staff in Africa—working with those on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Since coming back to the US, I’ve worked with a diverse range of organizations including HP, AT&T, American Express, The Heinz Endowments and Sanofi-Aventis to name a few.

And I continue to partner with high tech entrepreneurs, leading-edge scientists and creative artists—coaching them and their teams to bring their highest creative pursuits to market. Profitably.

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“Sometimes knowledge impedes change: We know more but do less.”
— Mark Bryan