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Does Your Creativity Really Matter?

The answer is YES, it does.


            I sent this email because at one time you expressed interest in my coaching, creativity workshops, or our books, The Artist’s Way, and The Artist’s Way at Work. I'm reaching out to remind you the world needs your creative energy and imagination, maybe now more than ever. There is no way to sugar coat today’s threats to human survival. Pandemics, climate change, authoritarianism, disinformation, financial shortfalls, and food insecurity are real and dangerous. Denial does us no good, neither does a heavy heart or surrender. What can one person do?


            We can take one small creative action each day to help someone else. Something as simple as a smile can lighten another’s load. Studies show optimism and gratitude win, pessimism loses. Whatever your field of endeavor, a creative approach and an upbeat attitude can improve communication, inspire invention, and advance a project toward success. This is true the world over.


 “The creative economy has become a powerful transformative force in the world... Creativity contributes to building open, inclusive, and pluralistic societies. Both heritage and creativity lay the foundations for vibrant, innovative, and prosperous knowledge societies…. Creativity and culture generate social energy, confidence, and engagement, enabling both individuals and groups to aspire to and imagine alternative futures.”

 - United Nations Report on Global Creativity (UNESCO)


            I hope you’ll enjoy my new series of emails about creativity, achievement, and relationship success. (If you prefer to opt out, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email - no hard feelings).


         If you’re of a mind, send me an update about your life and creative projects. I look forward to catching up. If I can be of service, let me know. Until next time.

Warm regards,


Helping creative people overcome life's obstacles.

Creativity in Business, Science, and the Arts.


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