1. Jumpstart or support a creative project or career.

  2. Develop, field-test, and deliver custom training and materials.

  3. Intervene and manage family recovery from addiction or crisis.

  4. Leverage (or cope with) sudden success, wealth, or fame.

  5. Facilitate transition from one career or life phase into another
individual coaching

Phase 1: Discovery

We start relationships with clients after a qualifications match between our competencies and fees and their requirements and resources.

individual coachingEach client completes confidential behavioral assessments that are scored, summarized, and reviewed for learning and practical application. We prefer to consider each client story and predicament before making recommendations unless a crisis requires immediate resolution. To paraphrase Lao Tzu, “The problem we can see is not the problem.”

We have proprietary methods that lead to insight and motivation.

Phase 2: Strengths, Abilities, and Measures

We help a client confront obstacles, locate resources and build a system of accountability that includes success measures, rewards, and time frames. We employ motivation techniques specific to each client and strive to engage their networks in leveraged ways. We adjust our approach as results dictate.

Phase 3: Weekly Support and Fees

Consistent reinforcement is critical to the success of any change process, so we meet with clients as required with at least weekly contact. We meet in person when possible face-to-face or by teleconference with additional phone and email support as needed. Billing is by the day or hourly.

All consulting and coaching engagement are determined on a case by case basis.

Phase 4: Resistance, Obstacles, Preparation for Success

Many changes in life, even positive ones, are confusing. Some difficult ones like a business failure, divorce, or major illness, will always remain unwanted and difficult. There are times when the best one can do is to persevere. When clients face loss, we provide support and find appropriate clinical resources as needed.

Some situations change easily, some do not. Change is a process that brings up anxiety and confusion. Yet, anxiety provides the psychic energy needed for change.

Our client’s learn to more consciously manage their anxiety level in order to keep it high enough to motivate action but not so high that it prevents clear thinking or causes emotional paralysis. This lesson can lead to improved productivity with minimal added conflict. This is not a trivial skill.

Phase 5: Celebration and Completion

Here we celebrate our triumphs, review setbacks for lessons learned, and make future plans. Once the appraisal is completed, we address the emotions of completion and separation in a focused conversation.

The time spent on closure varies by client and circumstance. It ranges from a simple conversation to a celebration dinner and several days for an off-site evaluation and strategy sessions. This official “goodbye” effort clears the decks for what is next.



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