Artist's Way at Work Certified Facilitators

Each of these facilitators has been trained personally by Mark Bryan.

Laura Biering - Philadelphia, PA - USA

Leslie Gebhart - Palm Springs, CA - USA

Anne Marks - Baton Rouge, LA - USA

Sylvia Cook - Toronto, Canada

Joel Goleburn - San Francisco, CA - USA

Sally Mazak - Sidney - Australia

Barbara Dehart - Walnut Creek, CA - USA

Thomas Stefan Herpich - Frankfurt - Germany

Bob McEwen - St. Louis, MO - USA

Peter Durand - Pittsburgh, PA - USA

Nick Hicks - Paris - France

Roxanne O'Connell - Providence, RI - USA

Matt Eby - Chicago, IL - USA

Kathy Hope - Philadelphia, PA - USA

Susan Plunkett - Boston, MA - USA

Isabel Fouchécour - Paris - France

Dean Kephart - Minneapolis, MN - USA

Sandra Rojas - Bogota - Colombia

Tracy Fuller -Pittsburgh, PA - USA

Louise Lalande - Canada



Philadelphia, PA - USA


True Voices, Inc.
Whole Life Coaching and a Whole Lot More!

In addition to being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Laura is an accomplished singer/actor, holding Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Music from Rice University. She is also is a Certified Facilitator through The Institute of Conscious Expression and The Artist's Way at Work, and has facilitated groups through The Artist's Way over 30 times! She is also an Ordained Minister, the Co-Founder of Corner Office Coaching, and the Founder/Director of True Voices, Inc.


Toronto, Canada


Sylvia Cook is a speaker, Consultant and personal effectiveness coach working with individuals and progressive companies. President of Cook and Associates, a firm specializing in personalized coaching as an effective way for companies to develop, reward, and retain their top talent, Sylvia is trained to help her clients to obtain the tools, support and structure to accomplish their goals.


Western USA


Barb DeHart is uniquely qualified to bring the benefits of practicing The Artist's Way at Work to your organization. Barb holds a B.S. in Organizational Behavior, outstanding problem solving skills, and boundless energy. She is the rare insider who is genuinely empathetic to human needs, yet simultaneously responsive to the demands of a high tech corporate environment.


Pittsburgh, PA - USA

mobile: 412-478-1827
office: 412-322-1418

Alphachimp Studio, Inc.

Illustrator, painter, traveler and graphic facilitator, Peter has been an entrepreneur all his life, and has worked on over a hundred corporate projects in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. His varied career combines group facilitation, information graphics, visual learning and web design. He is considered by many to be one of the top graphic facilitators in the world. He receives requests to participate in projects focused on community problem solving, product design and strategic planning.


Chicago, IL - USA

BIO to come


France and Europe

+33 (0)145 41 28 67

With 20 years experience in the business media world, Isabel uses all the Artist's Way at Work tools and the PointZero method to coach individuals, one to one, and small business teams to develop their creative thinking processes. She individually designs each program so that the particular and specific needs of her private and business clients are met. Isabel Fouchécour has already facilitated creativity process in Belgian, in Germany and in France.


Pittsburgh, PA - USA



Tracy Fuller is an executive coach and Managing Director of COMPIO.  COMPIO, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, helps clients make a more complete and authentic use of the strengths needed to achieve their goals. Tracy holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Education; she has partnered with a diverse group of clients for over twenty years in the technology, healthcare, engineering, retail, energy, non-profit and educational sectors.  The principles, tools and practices of the Artist's Way at Work provide a powerful complement to Tracy’s expertise in leadership and organizational development, business, applied creativity and education.


Leslie found The Artist’s Way in the 1990’s when feeling stuck about the best way to proceed with her dream to create books designed to support children living in chaotic homes where alcoholism, drug addiction or absent parenting caused the young child to miss that loving, warm, safe place to grow and learn to trust.  After publishing those first books, (Have You Ever Been A Child? and PRIVATE Keep Out!) Leslie has gone on to support others to re-connect with their own creative passions and develop action plans to accomplish what they want to do. 


San Francisco area

Joel Goleburn, is an innovative entrepreneur at the helm of Real Estate Ventures. He speaks Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French and Hebrew, and is self-taught in all phases of residential remodeling, including carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. He has facilitated three Artist's Way groups gratis, and is currently setting up private practice as a personal coach, mentor and group facilitator, the focus of which will be teaching creativity the Artist's Way.


Europe area

Thomas Stefan Herpich is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and works as a facilitator for the Artist's Way At Work and as a consultant and trainer in developing human potential in working environments. He offers special programs and workshops for business organizations and companies as well as open workshops for interested individual participants. English, German, Italian and other languages with translation available throughout Europe.


France area

Since 1999 when he first took the Artist's Way as a student, Nick has graduated to facilitating and running creativity courses in Paris. Focussed on the business environment with a specialization in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological areas, he is currently responsible for international communications for a large biotech company. An AW@W workshop is planned for late this year.

AWAW graduates visiting Paris are most welcome to drop in.


Philadelphia PA area

Dr. Kathy Hope is passionate about helping teams generate a higher level of performance and satisfaction through facilitating design improvements and tapping into the group's inherent creativity. Based in Philadelphia, PA, she is an organizational consultant with extensive experience in executive assessment and leadership development.


Minneapolis MN area

Kephart Marketing

Dean Kephart, principal of Kephart Marketing, has more than 25 years of experience in marketing within education. He has spoken at many conferences, trained hundreds of teachers and has authored various articles for education publications. This past summer, he added The Artist’s Way at Work to his training mix.




613-315-2030 (mobile)
613-565-2013 (office)


Louise Lalande, director of coCreations, is a versatile creative designer, artist, facilitator and reiki master and is SpiritArt’s coordinator.  Louise’s artistry includes painting, creating digital mandalas and artworks, making dolls, textile art, jewelry and pottery. 

Committed to awakening the best in human spirit through creative educational and experiential events, with authenticity, kindness and humour, Louise helps individuals and communities of all creeds to develop themselves, and to engage their innate wisdom, healing and transformation.  

Louise is passionate about exploring intersections of the arts, business and science, and the opportunities that can create for us to all live and lead healthier, happier, more meaningful and productive lives. She strongly believes that art, in its multiple forms, is a keystone to creating healthy lives and communities.

coCreations offers art-based workshops and consulting services to develop the creativity and sustainable well being of individuals and organizations.

For more information please visit



Popular and experienced workshop leader with a specialty in community resources development -- including a  women’s center, spiritual retreats, support groups, and the application of the arts and the humanities for personal growth. Founding member of several high impact community service organizations including, The Red Shoes; Alleluia Dance Ensemble; Artmakers, Inc.; Theater Arts for Children, Inc.; and Garden District Civic Association. Anne earned her BA in English from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and her Masters Degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana.




Imagine Workshops

Sally Mazak has 15 years experience in the Design and Illustration world. As a degree trained Graphic Designer she has actively lived the principles of The Artist's Way and The Artist's Way at Work for nearly 9 years in her professional roles.

Sally is Australia's only certified facilitator for The Artist's Way and The Artist's Way at Work.


(630) 455-0243

Robert McEwen has held senior management positions at three of the world’s leading public relations firms and counseled scores of Fortune 100 companies. A playwright, writer, editor, reporter and basketball coach, McEwen is a certified AW@W facilitator based in the Chicago area.


Metro Boston/Providence area


Roxanne is Assistant Professor of Visual Communications at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. She is a "hybrid" facilitator. In addition to experience as a human factors engineer and usability consultant, she is also a web designer, musician, and textile artist-craftswoman. She has facilitated both The Artist's Way and The Artist's Way at Work. She holds a degree in Management from Leslie University with a concentration in Organizational Development. She was instrumental in bringing a focus on Learning Organizations to Digital Equipment Corporation when she was product manager for Meetings-That-Work, a distributed meeting support technology for high performance teams, and has delivered workshops internationally on Learning Teams.



Susan has a unique blend of corporate and non-profit experience focusing primarily on career strategies, executive search, recruitment and strategic workforce planning consulting She continues to pursue a lifelong love of creativity, arts, music and learning for herself and others.

Susan has a degree in adult education and training, and is a certified "Transitions" consultant sponsored by William Bridges and Associates. She was certified by Mark Bryan as an Artist’s Way at Work instructor in February 2002.



Bogota, Colombia / San Diego, CA - USA

571- 2152630
57-3172233975 (mobile)


Sandra is a seasoned political and social consultant, certified coach and speaker with a BA in Political Science from the University of Los Andes, Bogota-Colombia 1999, including a specialization in Sociology of Consumption and Markets Research from the University Complutense of Madrid-Spain. She served as a speechwriter for former Colombian President Andres Pastrana Arango, 2001-2002, in which she specialized as a PR consultant.

Sandra likes to be able to get to people of all audiences touching emotions based on facts, having solidly and previously researched the message being delivered so it is openly, adequately and widely received. Click here to read full bio...



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