New clients often complete a series of confidential behavioral assessments. We use these tests as a baseline for discussion and reference throughout our work. Tests include: a behavioral event interview, profiles of motivation, personality, strengths, and communication preferences, leadership behavior assessments, organizational climate surveys, and customized assessments if appropriate.

While no set of tests can determine the gestalt of a human personality, we find these tests useful for the depth of the insight they can provide and the speed with which they help us establish rapport. The knowledge they convey, when used properly, lead to more effective action and improved communication within client companies and non-profits, individual coaching clients, their families, and colleagues.

Once the assessments are scored and summarized, we meet to debrief each one in detail. Next, we discuss the client’s situation, desires, stakeholders, competitive frame, and the important people in their lives. This process helps us identify areas of struggle, hope, and opportunity.

We deliberately do not attempt to force any changes in this phase. To paraphrase Lao Tzu, “The problem we can understand at first glance is not usually the problem.” We take time to reflect with a client about the target objectives before we decide a strategic course of action. The truer answers are usually not forced or hasty -- if smart would fix the situation, out client would have fixed it already. It is not uncommon, however, that we must help clients put out an immediate fire or two before we begin work with the assessments and more considered goals..




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